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The Magellan Academy has been awarded similar distinction every year since, culminating in a "clean sweep" in 2004 in which The Magellan Academy won First Place in all four competitive categories, "Best Childcare Center", "Best Day Camp", "Best Private School" and overall "Best for Families." Additionally, The Magellan Academy was singled out as a "Family Friendly" company. The trade publication from which Magellan won these awards year after year has subsequently merged with another publication and no longer offers the awards. Surely, similar accolades would still be accumulating had the publication continued their program.

2005 brought home honors again for The Magellan Academy, receiving recognition as the "Best Childcare Center" and being mentioned again as a "Family Friendly Company." Once again, The Magellan Academy was among the winners for "Best Day Camp" and "Best Private School."

According to the National Network for Child Care, "Quality child care can make a significant difference in children's development."

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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Magellan Academy for their service to kids. Below is my review, which I just posted on BBB as well. Magellan Academy is by far the best daycare school that we've been associated with. I would recommend Magellan Academy to everyone. They offer great service and the teachers and staff are very kind and provide love and care to the children. My kid, P., learned good behavior, good discipline, love for God, good language vocabulary and much more in just few months after being enrolled to this school. And compared to other daycares in various cities, Magellan is really worth the fee that we pay for the service. All other schools are more expensive and do not match this quality. For a working mom like me, its a boon that I could leave my kid at Magellan, and not worry about her for the next 8 hours I work at office. The greatest facility of webcam access assures me that my kid is safe and doing fine in her classroom. I wish Magellan opens branches in all major cities, so that all parents may benefit from them. Thanks for everything


The words say it all: Good quality, value, communication and well-run school. The moment I toured, I knew it was a nice fit for us and still is. My child is well-cared for and taught many things, especially patriotic ideals which are so important and missing in schools. Wonderful company.


Really like this school. It is a good school with a good vibe. Clean and well-maintained. The teachers are caring and really attentive. They are open unlike other child programs that close early or do not open since they don't have staff. Magellan isn't this way. The pledge and prayers are said every morning. I am very happy with our choice and recommend them to anyone.


The curriculum they use is outstanding. My son is learning so much at this school. They are very focused on the education. This is a great school with an emphasis on education and cleanliness. We made a good choice to place our son here.


We toured this school some months ago, but didn't enroll as I wasn't ready to leave my children in the hands of someone else. I finally made the decision and it has been a good decision. We have been at Magellan about 9 1/2 months-2 months for the virus that everyone was in lockdown. Magellan places an emphasis on American ideals, Constitution and what seems to me traditional education. My children are soaking up everything and they are learning so much. This is an excellent school and glad I made the decision when I did. They are great and I really appreciate the Pledge and prayer and now the National Anthem. Much thanks and accolades to a fine school.


Our daughter is in the 2s class at Magellan and she loves it. The school and staff are great and we would highly recommend it to any parent looking for child care! Great communication!